Mortgage: Floating rate loan tenure extension on rate increase

Asked by: Kirk Marshall

What happens to the interest rate if the term length is extended?

Interest Rates and Duration

There is a greater probability that interest rates will rise (and thus negatively affect a bond’s market price) within a longer time period than within a shorter period.

Can loan tenure be increased?

Increasing the loan tenure may be an option, if you are at later stage of the long tenure. Here, you must have paid back most of the interest and would be repaying the principal amount. Therefore, a rate hike would have a slightly lesser impact.

Can floating interest rate increase?

Also, sometimes banks make some adjustments so that your EMI remains constant. In such cases, when a lender increases the floating interest rate, the tenure of the loan is increased (and EMI kept constant). Some lenders also base their floating rates on their Benchmark Prime Lending Rates (BPLR).

Can I change the tenure of home loan?

Process of Changing the Home Loan Tenure. The tenure can be changed voluntarily anytime during the course of the loan. You can visit the branch of the lender and give a request for the same. The concerned official will go through your loan statement and latest income statements before allowing you to change the tenure.

How can I reduce my loan tenure?


  1. Change your interest pricing regimen. …
  2. Transfer your loan to a new lender. …
  3. Move from fixed to floating rate. …
  4. Make partial prepayment and get the EMI adjusted. …
  5. Go for tenure extension. …
  6. Use loan restructuring offered by RBI.