What do the TOS level 2 colors mean in ThinkOrSwim?

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What do the colors on Level 2 mean?

Color-codes the Time & Sales for all trades: Green – Trades at the inside ask. Red – Trades at the inside bid. White/Gray – Trades in between the inside bid/ask.

Can you color code level 2 on thinkorswim?

Quote from video: And click level two and this will bring up the level two section down here that you can see in blue.

What do the colors in thinkorswim mean?

Volume bars are a representation of the transactions that have taken place on the best bid and ask. They are shown at the bottom of the chart. The color corresponds to the aggressor side: red is for sell side, and green is for buy side.

How do you read a Level 2 thinkorswim?

Quote from video: You want to make sure that it's highest to lowest. So you're seeing the top bids. Same thing for asks over here you want this to be lowest to highest you want to see the lowest asks.

What does green mean in Level 2?

Red means that the order was on the bid — the lower end of the bid-ask spread. Green means that the order was on the ask — the higher end. White means that the order fell between the bid and ask. Usually, this indicates a market order.

What does red mean on level 2?

Flashing Green and Red colors on Level II

Order Book/Market Maker Section (all Bid/Ask orders) Red: when an order is being deleted from the book, it flashes red.

How do you read L2?

Quote from video: When you see zero this is supposed to be you know a size that's less than 100 shares but if you see you know the order going through on the l2. It's supposed to be less than Cheers.

What does Level 2 market data mean?

What Is Level 2 Market Data? Level 2 market data is a set of detailed information about asset prices, offers and trading volumes. It is particularly used by day traders and other high-volume investors who rely on it for technical and data-based trading.

How is level 2 market data read?

What Is Level 2 Market Data?

  1. Bid price: The highest price a buyer is willing to pay.
  2. Bid size: The amount traders are looking to buy at the bid price.
  3. Ask price: The lowest price a seller will sell for.
  4. Ask size: The amount traders are looking to sell at the ask price.
  5. Last price: The price of the most recent trade.

What is a Level 2 chart?

Level 2 (or Level II) is the electronic order book for listed stocks, which can be accessed by traders and investors through subscription-based services. Level 2 shows a ranked list of the best bid and ask prices, orders from all market makers and market participants, and order sizes.

What do the colors mean on time and sales?

Generally, in time & sales platforms, orders that take place on the bid are colored in red, those that take place on the offer are colored in green, and those that trade in between the bid and the offer are printed in white.

What are the green and red numbers on stocks?

Green indicates the stock is trading higher than the previous day’s close. Red indicates the stock is trading lower than the previous day’s close. Blue or white means the stock is unchanged from the previous closing price.