Why Bollinger Bands does not show up in mt4?

Asked by: Renee Smith

How do I add Bollinger Bands to MT4?

Quote from video: You go to trend. And you can select Bollinger Band from the list.

Does MT4 have Bollinger Bands?

MT4 Bollinger Bands Alert Indicator

You can benefit from this alert in both trend following and trend reversal strategies. To repair to this missing feature, you can download MT4 Bollinger Bands Alert Indicator here. This indicator allows you to receive alerts when a possible trading signal triggers.

How do you set up Bollinger Bands?

Entry Conditions:

  1. Wait for the outer Bollinger Bands to contract and go inside the Keltner channel – the start of the Bollinger Band squeeze.
  2. Once the upper and lower Bollinger Bands have both moved back outside the Keltner channel the squeeze has been released and a move is about to take place.

How do you find Bollinger Bands?

Bollinger Bands are plotted at a standard deviation above and below a simple moving average of the price. The upper band is the moving average plus a standard deviation, and the lower band is the moving average less the standard deviation.

How do I add custom indicators to MT4 mobile?

How to add custom indicators to MT4 on android

  1. Connect the android phone/tablet to your PC by using a remote desktop app:
  2. Click Indicator > Go to Custom > Select the custom indicator you want to add to MT4:
  3. Change additional indicator settings in the properties window if required and press OK: